Customizable Rooms



Our conference centers are equipped with the most modern technology available worldwide so your group can fully explore the subjects presented and enjoy the most of your event, we hold rooms from 70 to 3000 chairs, conference set up or classroom set up in 30 states in the United States, countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

We do customize conference rooms, let us know what your need is and we provide so you and your group can have an amazing experience.


Our cadaver labs is are designed to help the participant practice techniques dissection, anatomy and surgical techniques for multiple procedures. The lab is cadaver based, with well structured stations for the convenience of the participants, learning genaral or specific anatomy. Depending on initial skills and the desires of each team we will guide you through the best way of exploring.


At the American Society of anatomy we are fanatic about research we do have researchers and research facilities available all of the world we strongly inspire research in all means.

ASA is comprised different research Centers focused on strengthening research in the areas of epidemiology, health care delivery, health disparities, health policy and economics, patient outcomes, and population and community health. Each center is an established leader in their field of research and is committed to the promotion of innovative science and training the next generation of leaders in population and health care science. Additionally, ASA seeks to connect and support individual researchers working in these areas from worldwide Departments of Medicine.


Whether you are a student or bringing your group to study with us here in the United States of America no matter which state you decide to host your conference or your course we do have a practical solution with our nationwide partners So you won’t have to worry about meals or coffee breaks let us know what you need so we can further assist you.

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