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American Society of Anatomy is an organization that is completely focused In trainings and courses on the medical field.


American Society of Anatomy is an organization that is completely focused In trainings and courses on the medical field.

Medical Doctors | Dental Doctors | Nurses | Pharmacists | Biomedical Science – BSC

Our trainings and courses are focused in procedures performed by the medical field we explore the anatomy in a different level in each procedure. Our main goal is to make the health care agents feel more secure while performing Healthcare procedures. Although the American Society of anatomy it’s an American Association born in the United states we host members from more then 50 countries in our international community center. Our goal in our international community center Is to exchange concepts of treatments and knowledge with health care agents worldwide.

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Computer Assisted Surgery with Largest Robotics Training Lab in the World


Customizable surgical training stations able host both Wet & Dry Labs


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We are committed to take you to the next level, whatever your speciality in the medical field is we are here to dig deeper with you, to bring you confidence when performing your procedures, we are here to help you to surpass Your patient’s expectations, we are here to walk with you and help you to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Mike Wolf - CEO, American Society of Anatomy

“Very well recognized I’ve done a few cadaver lab before but this was definitely the best one.”

Doctor Sherry Brown

“Good international interaction with doctors from different parts of the globe which in my opinion made My training unique.”

Doctor Caroline Freitas

“Simply fabulous, the staff is very attentive and, above all, a lot of preparation. I loved it”

Doctor David Sullivan

“Very nice place well equipment with a very scientific speakers and a perfect organization thanks to every one in the center”

Jeniffer Carter

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